When it comes to working from home, generally there are two camps: one who gets more done and one who gets less. The former finds the home environment more productive while the latter a distracting disaster. By now you’ve probably figured out which camp you fall into (and no judgement by the way if you’re camp two!).

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by the way if you’re camp two!).

Regardless of what workspace you thrive in, the reality for many of us is we’ll be working like this for some time. Even after level four and three come to an end, the lockdown has prompted many companies to reassess the way they work, which may mean more permanent flexible working structures. Whether it’s more cost effective or a wellness initiative, remote working is predicted to be standard practice in the future.

So, if you lean towards the traditional working environment, why not take advantage of your time at home right and find some positives?  Below are a few of the perks we’ve discovered so far…

Less (annoying) distractions

Yes there’s distractions of a different kind (household chores, pets and a fridge full of food) but you can control the distractions unlike office noise and chit-chat. Gone are the days of "can I borrow you for a second?” and unwarranted updates about Steve’s kitchen reno while you're heating up lunch, no meetings about meetings…the list goes on!

Flexible schedule

You can take breaks at any moment, feel no rush to hang up on your family members when they call, and eat lunch at any weird time you wan

Customised  workspace

You can create your own working environment.  Foster a more inspiring office atmosphere by playing the radio, relocating outside with your laptop for a couple of hours, stream Netflix in the background (the ultimate perk!). Whatever works for you.

More time with your furry friend

Dogs and cats in NZ (and the world) over have never been happier.

No more stressful commute

The commute is five seconds. Literally. No more morning road rage, spilt coffee or strangers getting up in your personal space on the bus. From bed to desk, the morning commute has never been easier.

Take breakfast (and lunch!) up a level

Gone are the days of dry, flaky porridge or chugging a smoothie on-the-go, make the most of all the kitchen staples and appliances at your fingertips and indulge in a more lavish breakfast.

Save money

While a more indulgent breakfast and lunch may sound expensive, if you used to purchase your lunch on the regular you’ll likely still be saving money. These days in Auckland a sandwich and coffee can set you back a whopping $15 – that’s $75 a week!

More free time

You can use the time you’d usually be getting ready and commuting to do something for yourself each morning. Whether it’s a home workout, listening to an inspiring podcast, watching some TV or just a slow start to the day (hellooo sleep in!).

Longer weekends

On the above note, the weekends will be longer too…kind of. Make a start on your weekend checklist and tick off some admin during the work week. That Mt. Everest laundry pile waiting for you? Picking up your missed parcel from the courier depot? Cleaning the bathroom? Cross. It. Off.

More time with loved ones

Sure, you may want to lock yourself in the bathroom for a rare moment of peace and quiet but when else do you get so much quality time with family? You might be complaining now but we bet the extra time with your partner and kids are the moments you’ll miss the most when back to office life.


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