If working out was easy we’d all have rock hard abs. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. We know the benefits of moving our body each day but often it drops to the bottom of the to-do list. But no stress - if you still haven’t hit the pavement yet this year, don’t worry you’re not alone. Consult our expert tips for reigniting that motivation.

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Tune in

Almost every athlete and personal trainer will attest to the power of music. If you’re feeling flat or fatigued, music can be an incredibly powerful mood booster. Or, if it’s during the workout that motivation plateaus, blast some adrenalin pumping jams. Music streaming apps also have curated playlists specifically designed for the exercise you’re doing. From running to HIIT class to low imact movement like yoga or walking.

Schedule a regular exercise slot

Some of the most committed exercisers habitually do it every day before the sun comes up or late at night when the kids are in bed. Sit down with your weekly schedule and block out a set time in your calendar each day to be good to your body. Make it routine!

Plan your post-workout meal

No we’re not talking about rewarding yourself with French fries! Make a shopping list for the day/week ahead filled with inspiring recipes that keep you going. Turn grocery shopping into something you look forward to post-workout. What’s more fun than wheeling that trolley down the aisles brimming with endorphins, right?!

Put your workout gear on first thing

Obviously this one is dependent on your lifestyle, but at least on the weekends it’s an effective trick. As soon as you wake up put on your exercise gear (including sneakers) – it will set the tone for the day and you’ll also feel guilty not following through ;)

Write down how you feel post-workout

As cheesy it is the saying is true – you never regret a workout. If you’re struggling to muster the energy to exercise, reflecting on how you’ve felt after previous workouts might help. After each workout write in a journal how you are feeling. For example: I didn’t want to go today but I pushed myself to do a 30-minute HIIT class and felt SO amazing afterwards. Super proud of myself

New threads

Something guaranteed to put a pep in your step? A new pair of sneakers or gym clothes. We’re talking new tights, sports bra, socks – the whole shebang! You’ll feel so much more confident and motivated.

Train with a buddy

If you need extra motivation, setting goals with a friend or your partner could be the solution. The accountability factor that comes with a training buddy will help you stick to your guns even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing as you don’t want to let them down (or vice versa). Group workouts are also another option - multiple studies have found that if we work out in a group we are far more likely to stick at exercise than if we go it alone.

Keep it interesting

By nature, humans need change and variety to stay motivated. Whether it’s a class with different releases each week or a new running route, make variety the foundation of your exercise routine. It’s also key to make sure you actually enjoy the exercise you’re doing! Don’t like running? Then running isn’t for you! Find your own unique jam.

Set a goal

Working towards a goal is an effective way to make sure you stick at something, especially if you tell everyone about it! You don’t need to commit to running a marathon, it could be as basic as improving your flexibility or endurance in class.

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