Alcohol is not great for your skin....sorry...

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Ever noticed a correlation between overindulgent nights and unsightly spots a day or two later? There’s a reason for that. Alcohol is bad news when it comes to your complexion. 

Read on for a few of the ways drinking can take a toll on your skin…

Drinking dehydrates 

Remember that desert dry mouth that used to wake you up at 3am? It will come as no surprise that alcohol dehydrates your body but it also dries out your skin – your body's largest organ. Alcohol is a diuretic that drains your body of skin-loving water, leaving it dull and dehydrated, sometimes to the point of scaly.

Lines and wrinkles

Alcohol reduces your vitamin A levels, which is a powerful antioxidant instrumental in the production of collagen. Collagen has a tonne of skin benefits - here's how it works; as we age, our collagen and elastin levels deplete, making skin sag and the signs of ageing more visible. Alcohol has been found to further break down collagen networks, speeding up the ageing process of the skin.


They say you can tell a heavy drinker by the colour of their face. Well, there’s merit in it - alcohol causes broken capillaries in the face, resulting in a flushed and blotchy appearance. The tannins in wine particularly, also make your skin more susceptible to flushing. 


It’s not unusual to wake up to a puffy face, complete with under-eye baggage, after a night of heavy drinking.  In addition to weight gain due to high calories, alcohol is also linked to water retention. 


Dermatologists warn patients suffering from acne to stay clear of alcohol, or at the very least cut back. Drinking causes hormones to fluctuate, which activates the sebaceous glands and in turn an overproduction of sebum. If skin clarity is a concern, avoid pre-mixed drinks and cocktails high in sugar as these will further aggravate breakouts.


Alcohol depletes the body of vitamin C, which is essential for healing. Due to this, if you’re a heavy drinker you may notice you also bruise easily. Dehydrated skin also means there’s less ‘cushion’ to shield the skin from impact.

Bye, bye glow

*News flash* alcohol has little nutrient value. It contributes to poor liver function, low immunity, hormone disruption and cell damage, which ultimately culminate in lacklustre skin. Moreover, it deprives the skin of important nutrients and vitamins that make your skin radiant.

So, there you have it, if not for your mind and body – preserve with Dry July for the sake of your skin.

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