As you probably already know – because we shouted from the rooftops about it we were so pumped - this time last year we made the switch from plastic vitamin sachets to plastic-free, compostable sachets.

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What does compostable mean?

Good question! In a nutshell, it means our packs are made from plants rather than fossil fuels that pollute the planet. Compostable packaged products are capable of disintegrating into natural elements in the right environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil. This typically occurs within 90 days.

Made in New Zealand (another win!) our packs are made from Econic Clear compostable film, which are derived from wood pulp and corn sources and have been internationally certified to the European and American compostability standards

Vitally Compostable Packaging

Breaking it down

Add this to the list of things you learned today: a common misconception about biodegradable and compostable products is that they easily break down wherever they end up. While they break down a lot faster (traditional plastic can take around 500 years!), without the necessary compost conditions of heat, oxygen, light, micro-organisms and water, they won’t break down as intended. However, if your packs accidentally make their way into landfill don’t stress, they will turn into soil eventually…just not as quick.

A step-by-step guide to disposing of Vitally vitamin packs:

  1. Take your vitamins

With breakfast, in the car on the way to work, after gym – take your Vitally however floats your boat knowing you and the earth are better for it. 

  1. Compost your daily packs

Dispose of your packs in your own home compost or worm farm, containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms. They can also be disposed of in a commercial composting facility if you have one in your area.

OR we’ll do it for you!

Need a hand composting? We hear you. We’ve partnered with Auckland based We Compost to have your Vitally packs collected and composted free of charge. Just email us, and we'll send a prepaid compostable mailer bag for you to send them back in (NZ only).

  1. Recycle other packaging

We encourage you to recycle your shipping box, vitamin dispenser and order card in the appropriate bins too.

Have any questions? We're more than happy to help. Simply flick us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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