How To Drink More Water: Tips & Helpful Apps

If you don’t like water or just forget to drink it, try one of these helpful apps that send you reminders and track your water intake.

Motivating yourself to drink more water can be an uphill battle. Though you probably know the wonders your daily dose of H2O does for the mind, body and skin, staying amply hydrated is easier said than done – whether you’re forgetful or you’d rather drink other (likely sugary) beverages.

That’s where smartphone apps come in. From sleep apps for a good night’s rest to mindfulness apps for anxiety, there’s an app for everything these days, including hydration. Check out the below apps to help get you into the healthy habit of drinking water.

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Though how much water you really need to drink each day is up for debate, one thing is for certain: apps can indeed help on the motivational front. Here are five of the best ones to download.

Water Drinking Apps
There’s an app for everything these days, even water consumption! Freepik

1. Waterlogged

Waterlogged allows you to log your water intake quickly and efficiently, using photos of different cups and water bottles. Along with that, this app is compatible with Apple Health and Fitbit, meaning Apple Watch or Fitbit users can get notifications on their wrist reminding them to drink up. Waterlogged also provides personalised charts, so you can see how you’re getting along with your daily water drinking goals.

2. Daily Water

Daily Water is a basic app which tracks your daily water intake in a simple, visual way. You set up a daily drinking schedule, and the app reminds you when it’s time to drink another glass using a personalised sound and alert. What’s particularly handy about this one is you can add your water schedule to your iPhone’s Today View widget, and you can also download all the data and send it to your email.

3. Plant Nanny

For those who are seriously struggle to stay hydrated throughout the day, Plant Nanny could be just the app to get you to stick with it. When you drink and record it in the app, the animated plant will grow and flourish, but if you don’t drink enough the plant could die. If the prospect of that is just too much to bear, then perhaps this one will be right up your alley.

4. My Water Balance

My Water Balance is a straightforward app which helps you calculate how much water you should drink based on your gender, weight and lifestyle (including how active you are and the climate you live in). Its unique point of difference is the fact you can track other drinks besides water, such as coffee, juice and even alcohol, which also impact hydration levels. Once you’ve logged a beverage, the screen will show the percentage of your daily intake you have left. This app offers other features such as statistics about your water intake, tips and motivational rewards – and all-important notifications. It’s free, although extended features are available with the premium version.

5. Aloe Bud

More than just a water drinking app, this app focuses on all aspects of self-care. From reminding you to fill up your water bottle to encouraging you to take screen breaks, Aloe Bud helps you bring awareness to physical, mental and emotional needs throughout the day, without using obtrusive, anxiety-inducing push notifications. It allows you to record the water you drink in one tap, or alternatively you can write a reflection detailing the amount of water you drank and anything extra. Something to note is Aloe Bud doesn’t automatically tally up the total number – this is a step you have to do yourself. But with app’s cute and playful design, and great reminder system covering many areas of wellbeing, you might be able to look past this downfall.

Tips for increasing your water consumption

  • Carry an insulated sports bottle with you and fill it up periodically.
  • Keep a glass of water on your desk at work.
  • Keep another glass next to your bed. Many of us wake up dehydrated first thing in the morning.
  • Switch one glass of soda or cup of coffee for a glass of water.
  • Drink small amounts of water throughout the day. Six glasses all at once isn’t good for you!

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