Matt Bateman talks about building balance in your life

Maintaining a well-balanced life isn’t just crucial for your health, happiness, and well-being but also essential for boosting productivity, managing stress, and unleashing your true potential.

Okay so here goes balance…

If you have a serious job and or own your own business your priorities are probably something like

  1. Work
  2. Family/ Friends
  3. Sleep
  4. You time

If you are young, aren’t locked down and are about living a busy life it may go something like

  1. Family/Friends
  2. You time
  3. Work
  4. Sleep
Work =

Pays the bills, we have to work to live and or need money to run your family for day to day life.If you are under a high pressure job this will usually be a top priority but also a high stress one.

Family/ Friends =

These are the people that love you, the people you need, the people that make you want to live your life. These are your friends, lovers and family.

Sleep =

We need this to operate but sadly when life becomes busy, it is something which we do little of

‘You time’ =

This can be absolutely anything you want to do in life for enjoyment, for some it maybe playing a golf, for others it could be volunteering your time to help those in need.


That is a basic summary of the four most important aspects of your life.

It is different for each and every one of us, but what remains the same is the importance of finding your balance.

Scenario 1…

Mike is the CEO of a local distribution company, he has a family of 3, often works late and it appears he is always stressed, sleeps very little.

Scenario 2…..

Mike is the CEO of a local distribution company. He has a family of 3, appears to have a great balance of working a tough job, has family time and is always happy.

Mike from Scenario 1…..

Mike was up late working. He slept in, he arrived at work late, he had a job that needed finishing……got home at 8pm, he missed putting the kids to bed, cleared some emails and got to sleep at 11:30pm and slept for approx 6 hours.

Mike from Scenario 2…..

Mike woke up at 5am, went to yoga, was at work early at 6:30am, finished at 4:30pm, got home to have an early dinner with the kids, he cleared his emails, had time with his wife and was in bed at 9pm. He slept for 8.5 hours.

Enough of the confusing scenarios but what we want to say is…



Stop what you are doing…… like actually and consider this.

  1. What do you need to make you better = ‘YOU TIME’
  2. It is not being selfish putting you first but listen…..
  3. Two options…. Wake up early and have ‘you time’ before work, or go to work early and have ‘you time’ after.
  4. Why? Because if you can have ‘you time’ as a priority you are gonna feel so much better for yourself and you are going to be an amazing family man with a positive outlook and your day will be very productive as well

The biggest FAILURE of a relationship is work/ life BALANCE…

If you can structure your day and prioritise everything you want to do and then structure your day around that.

We don’t have to over complicate this, we don’t need to make it seem like its a big deal that you are off to play a game of golf or head to the gym…..

You shouldn’t have to defend your decisions with what you chose to do either.

People will be unhappy with you starting work early and finishing early and will tend to put a negative vibe on your choices. Don’t worry about them, let them dwell on you being epic and being happy every single day of the week all ya gotta do is tell them this…

I have come up with a plan that I have structured my day around 4 important things and life is going great.

I’m happy, my job is going well, I’m making time to spend with my family and friends, I’m making time for myself and I’m making sure I get reasonable amounts of sleep… Balance


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