Interview: Simone Anderson Talks Health, Fitness & Self-Care

We talk to health and fitness influencer, best-selling author and entrepreneur Simone Anderson about health, wellness and how she takes cares of herself.

We sat down with health and wellness advocate, makeup artist, best-selling author and friend of Vitally, Simone Anderson, to get an insight into a day in her life.

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On lifestyle…

Vitally: What’s a typical day in the life of Simone Anderson like?

Simone: Honestly no two days are ever the same and I love that about my jobs. Being a hair and makeup artist while also running my social media pages means each day is so varied and fun. I am definitely a creature of habit, so a few things stay the same like my exercise and mindfulness rituals.

Vitally: Do you have any non-negotiables you like to do every single day?

Simone: Jumped the gun on the question above, yes absolutely! My exercise, meditation, and some quality time with my dog Maddox and partner Trent usually over a walk.

Vitally: What keeps you grounded?

Simone: Definitely taking time out of each day just to be. Morning gratitude and self-affirmations alongside spending time with the ones that fill my cup, my friends and family.

Vitally: If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, where do you think you’d be?

Simone: I’ve been passionate about hair and makeup for as long as I can remember so this would probably be my core focus. I also love planning and throwing events so a career in the events industry would definitely be something I would love to do more of one day.

Vitally: What’s your favourite place you’ve ever travelled to?

Simone: Queenstown. It’s always been a place I have found such peace in just walking around, even more so after Trent proposed nearly two years ago. It definitely holds a super special place in my heart now.

Vitally: And your bucket list holiday destination?

Simone: Europe, one day when travel is possible again!

Vitally: What are you watching, reading or listening to right now?

Simone: We don’t really watch TV, our busy schedules don’t really allow for it and I lost the love of it about a year ago. We do love reading and listening to audio books – currently reading Scaling Up.

On wellness…

Vitally: What’s your approach to health and wellbeing?

Simone: I knew when I changed my lifestyle six years ago that whatever changes I made had to be sustainable for the rest of my life. I never cut any food group out, including alcohol. I don’t believe in restrictive diets. I just made small changes that I would be able to maintain.

I try my hardest to have a balanced approach to wellbeing. I believe health is about far more than just the food we eat and how much we exercise. It encompasses so much more, including our mental health, how we talk to ourselves and how we treat ourselves is equally important.

Vitally: How do you keep active and stay in shape?

Simone: I work out daily, I have found a form of exercise I love (F45). I simply show up and the class motivates me to get moving.

Vitally: Do you have a go-to hype song for working out?

Simone: Anything F45 play it’s always banger after banger!

Vitally: Who is your health role model?

Simone: I don’t have one, I believe health and fitness is so personal. No two lives, bodies and mental state are the same so our focus should be on ourselves and how to nourish that relationship.

Vitally: What’s your favourite time of day to exercise?

Simone: Morning 100%.

On nutrition…

Vitally: What does your average day on a plate look like?

Simone: I always start my day with my Vitally and Adashiko with a big glass of water. For breakfast, I will have a protein shake with fruit and veges.

Morning tea is often fruit or nuts, then lunch is something I prepped on Sunday to ensure I’m eating a balanced and healthy meal even when I’m busy. This changes every week – often it includes roast veges, cous cous and some protein like chicken. For afternoon tea, I usually have a couple of Cruskits with tomato or a homemade bliss ball. For dinner, we do WOOP four nights a week which is always delicious and great because I don’t have to think. The rest of the days we might be out with friends or I’ll make one of my favourites from my recipe book So Delish.

Vitally: What’s your favourite treat/”naughty” meal?

Simone: I try not to view foods as “naughty” but a meal I wouldn’t have regularly that I love would be the Terayaki tofu bowl from &Sushi! If you haven’t tried this you haven’t lived ha ha.

Vitally: What are your best tips for dealing with cravings?

Simone: I always have yummy nutritional snacks on hand. Each week I ensure I have bliss balls frozen! I love snacking on frozen grapes and Cruskits with any topping are great. I also find if I am eating protein with each meal this helps keep me fuller for longer. But, if I am craving something sweet like chocolate I will have a few pieces. I find I am better if I allow myself to have it every now and then than cut it out completely, that’s when I would binge.

Vitally: What’s in your Vitally pack right now?

Simone: Magnesium (the best for sore muscles), a probiotic and then the Prenatal pack for fertility as we are going to start trying for children later in the year after we get married.


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