The Sober-Curious Movement: What Does It Mean?

Sober curious is trending in the wellness world. We explain what it means to be sober curious, from questioning your relationship with alcohol to cutting back or giving it up all together.

It’s safe to say 2020 has been a wild ride – heck it feels like we’ve done a year already and we’re only half-way through! No one would blame you if you’ve been desperately watching the clock waiting for it to hit 5pm each night AKA vino hour. It’s pretty typical, especially in Australia and New Zealand, to turn to alcohol to take the edge off a tough day, and then a few more glasses (*cough* bottles) on the weekends to loosen up with friends.

Ironically, in 2020, just when you feel like a drink most, it’s coincided with the rise of the sober-curious movement – we’ll get to this below…

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From mimosas at brunch to post-work beers, drinking culture is inarguably deeply engrained in our lifestyles. It’s always been portrayed as the ultimate way to have a good time. If you’re not drinking you’re not having fun, right?

With Dry July about to kick off, now is the perfect time to test that notion out. Perhaps it’s the push you needed to press reset and give your body and mind a break from the booze. Bear with us – we’re not saying fully give up the drink forever but maybe some sober curiosity could be a good thing!

What does sober-curious mean?

First things first – being sober-curious starts with asking yourself some pretty deep questions, which could get uncomfortable real quick.

Why do I crave a drink at the end of the day?

Is there an underlying issue that I’m unhappy about which I’m avoiding addressing?

Why do I find it uncomfortable to socialise without a drink in hand?

What is the impact of drinking on my overall well-being, physically and mentally?

How do I feel the next day?

Am I making the most out of my weekends or is drinking holding me back?

We get it. It’s a lot.

Drinking Socially With Friends

For many alcohol is a go-to social lubricant / Freepik

Being sober-curious literally just means you’re curious about your relationship with alcohol. Those who are may drink less or not at all. But we’re seeing a shift on social media from people taking their livers for a spin at the club to ‘hip’ alcohol-free events. Waking up at 2pm with last night’s makeup on isn’t cool any more. Now it’s cool to leave a party at a sensible hour, carry out your 10-step skincare routine (no face wipes!), get a full eight hours shut-eye and then hit a pilates class in the morning.

Sober-curious advocates the relief from hangovers, sleepless nights and anxiety, as well renewed self-confidence.

If you’re curious about the alcohol-free wellness revolution below are a few Instagram accounts to check out…

Africa Brooke

Stylishly Sober

Claire Robbie founder of No Beers Who Cares

Ruby Warrington

Spencer Matthews

Let’s get one thing straight – we’re not judging anyone. Hey, we love a wine, but we’re feeling curious this Dry July so we’re going to engage in some thoughtful internal dialogue and challenge ourselves. For some, challenging might just mean not drinking during the week AKA ‘Drier July’, while others may go the full 31 days. Despite the overwhelming pressure, there is no one way to do it, there is just you and your body and what feels right.

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