How To Spring Clean Your Life

De-clutter your life with our spring clean checklist. Detoxify and clear your mind, set goals and ditch bad habits.

Seasonal change is a great time to check in with yourself, re-evaluate your priorities and reflect on the past few months. But actually, any time there’s a period of change is perfect – whether it’s a change of city, new job or following a relationship break-up.

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Spring cleaning…but not as you know it

When we think of ‘spring cleaning’ we think of a deep house clean, the kind where you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing the skirting boards, cleaning crumbs out of the cutlery drawer and re-organising the overflowing linen cupboard (finally…). However, there are more parts of your life than just your house, which could benefit from a spring clean.

We’re talking about upgrading your mindset and letting go of old, negative thought patterns and habits and making new, constructive ones! In a nutshell, it’s about making your life as fulfilling as possible.

Tips for spring cleaning

Before you consult our spring cleaning suggestions, consider the below, which apply regardless of what you’re ‘cleaning’.

1. Do it properly once

Schedule in a time each year, free of other commitments and distractions, and dedicate a whole day or two to spring cleaning. Remember it doesn’t have to be spring if that doesn’t work for you. The key to success is going all-out rather than doing little bits here and there.

2. Schedule time for reflection

Book in time every three months or so to reflect upon your life. Remove the stuff that is not serving you anymore and add new, exciting things, which could improve your quality of life.

3. Daily rituals

When it comes to goals, daily supporting activities may help you stick to your larger goal. Rituals like dry brushing, using mindfulness apps, practicing gratitude or daily stretching, can help support your mental health, keep you in check and in the best possible mindset to smash your goals.

Spring clean (your life) checklist

Digital detox

When it comes to detoxing from digital, we adopt a two-pronged approach: first, clean-up your devices then detox.

Get your overflowing inbox to zero by deleting old emails, organising emails into logical folders and unsubscribing from newsletters that don’t interest you, obviously not the Vitally Supplemental though 😉 If you’re one of those people who has hundreds of unread notifications, now is also the time to sort through these. Another important step is backing up your photos and files to a device or cloud platform. Our devices store a lot of valuable memories and information, which if not backed up you risk losing all together. Finally, check your storage to see what else is taking up space and hit *uninstall*.

Now to detox – spend the rest of your spring clean disconnected from the digital world. Try not to check emails or social media, today is about you. Shift your focus away from all the online clutter and embrace the quiet. We recommend scheduling in a digital detox on a regular basis for your mental health too.

Digital Detox Turn Phone Off
A digital detox can benefit your mental health and help you to de-stress.

Evaluate your friendships

Be it on social media or in real life, unfollowing people that you know are not good for you is one of the most effective ways to free up mental space and increase your happiness. We like to view friendships as radiators or drainers. Radiators lift you up and spark joy and after hanging out with them (you know who they are) you feel energised, fulfilled and happy. Conversely, drainers zap the energy and drive out of us and you walk away feeling flat and deflated.

Not sure what box your friend fits into? Ask yourself these questions:

Do I look forward to seeing person or do I dread it?

How does this person make me feel?

Does this person treat me well?

Is this person genuinely happy for my successes? Do they support you in your goals or resolutions?


In our busy lives we’re more often than not juggling a hundreds things at once. From family and friendships to career and money, we want it all and we want it now. The pressures for the ‘perfect life’ are everywhere we look but perfection doesn’t exist and the sooner you realise that the happier you’ll be. Identify your priorities, write them down and rank them from 1 (being most important) to 10 (least important). Ask yourself why each priority is important too. Your 1-3 priorities are your hero priorities, they’re your non-negotiables, 4-6 are important but not essential and 7-10 are your ‘nice to haves’. Sorting your priorities like this will help guide you on a daily basis and are good to come back to when you’re feeling unfulfilled or striving to keep up with the Jones’ 😉

Write Down Priorities And Goals
Did you know you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? 

Detox your habits – good and bad

Your habits are what make you, you. If you’re not feeling happy with yourself, refining your habits is a great place to start. Make a list of all your habits and next to it ask yourself – is this habit aligned with my goals? Is this habit good for me? Does this habit make me happy?

For instance…

If you’re habit is biting your nails, the answer is most likely no for all three. If you’re prone to mindless snacking or sleeping too much, then sure you might enjoy it (don’t we all?!) but it’s not good for you and it most definitely won’t be in line with your goals. Try replacing your less constructive habits with healthy habits like exercise or a new hobby.

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