Adaptogens Benefits Explained, Plus How To Take Them

If you follow lifestyle blogs or frequent your local juice bar, you’ve probably heard of adaptogens – the latest buzzword to dominate the wellness world. Whether you’re on the brink of burnout or feeling like it’s just not your day, your month of even your year (sorry, we had to)…then you may want to consider trying adaptogenic herbs as a way to cope with the stress.

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7 tips for quitting mindless snacking

Did your emergency quarantine snack supply *disappear* by day three? Do you find yourself heeding to the siren call of the fridge more often than normal? Or perhaps your scheduled walks in the garden have transitioned to regular strolls to the pantry?

Mini-Mindfullness for energy, productivity and calm

In the always on world we live in, it’s easy to put work or others before yourself and burnout – but you’re actually not doing yourself any favours. Taking regular, mini-mindful breaks throughout the day can really help energise you, improve concentration and productivity as well as making you feel more calm.

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The STOP acronym is an effective healthy habit to practice daily and one of the most popular mini-mindfulness practices. It’s super simple:

Jump out of bed with endless energy, every morning

It’s time to beat that daily energy crash. Who has time to keep clawing their way through the day, anyway? Besides it taking SO much effort and slowing you down, so much clawing could ruin those beautifully manicured fingernails!

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Say goodbye to the afternoon energy crash

Urgh, it’s only 3 p.m. 

All out energy with breakfast, lunch and dinner

Potions, pills and pick-me-up tonics promise immediate boosted energy and they pledge fatigue busting properties; at a price!

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How to boost your energy

Energy is vital to our health but a lot of us feel like we’re constantly on the brink of burnout and crashing come afternoon. As one of our most requested areas of interest, we thought we would dive into energy to explore just what it is and how you can boost yours.