Sustainability At Vitally: Our Eco-Friendly Initiatives

We’re committed to the environment and limiting our impact as much as possible so we’ve actioned some eco initiatives to ensure we’re doing our bit.

In light of Plastic Free July, what better time to check ourselves (because we can always do better!) and check back in with you – here’s an update on our sustainability efforts for 2020.

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Compostable vitamin packs

This time last year, we switched to home compostable packaging, which had been a key sustainability goal of ours right from the get-go. Finding an eco-friendly packaging solution that didn’t compromise the quality of your vitamins was no easy feat but we got there in the end and equally exciting…it’s New Zealand made! Our plant-based packaging is manufactured right here in Aotearoa. Created from a blend of GMO-free corn sugars and wood pulp,when disposed correctly the compostable packaging breaks down in as little as 16 weeks unlike traditional plastic that takes around 500 years!

Recyclable & compostable vitamin pack dispensers

From the moment we sent out our first order, we’ve aimed to better understand the environmental impact of our packaging from every angle so that you can feel truly great about your Vitally subscription when it lands on your doorstep each month. Vitally dispenser boxes are both compostable and recyclable so you can dispose of your box however is most convenient for you. Also, our boxes are made from card sourced from PEFC sustainably managed forests.

Recyclable shipping boxes

When it comes to sustainability there’s always room for improvement. We know that finding new use for old materials is one of the most planet-conscious decisions we can make, so we aim to do better here. We’re working on a more eco-friendly solution to cut down on cardboard but in the meantime, we encourage you to recycle your shipping boxes correctly. Our shipping boxes are also made from card sourced from PEFC sustainably managed forests.

We’re planting trees!

We’ve been supporting New Zealand conservation charity Trees That Count to plant more native trees in an effort to mitigate climate change and keep our country beautiful. By the end of 2020, our goal is to plant a tree for every subscriber – we’ll keep you posted!


Our fish oil is sustainably sourced, you know we get our collagen from New Zealand and we tell you where our veggie omega-3 comes from – it’s made from DHA rich micro-algae oil that is free of ocean born contaminants in case you’re wondering 😉 Actually ALL our products are traceable and sustainably sourced. We only use pure and high-quality ingredients sourced from the places they grow best without the use of unnecessary additives, fillers or artificial sweeteners. In line with our mission to be transparent with you, we don’t stop there; we like to put a face to the names behind Vitally. We’re real people, like you, on a quest to discovering unreal health. From our founder Matt Hitchman to our head nutritionist Gavin Clearkin, we want you to know the people who get Vitally into your hands each month.

Our promise to you

We pledge to keep you in the loop, keep learning, keep evolving and keep the environment a priority. We’re proud that we’ve been able to make strides forward—all with the knowledge that there’s always still work to be done. We believe you should never feel bad about feeling good so stay tuned as we continue to progress!


If you have ideas we’d love to hear them – flick us an email at

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