The link between your cycle and skin

As if cramps and mood swings weren’t enough, when it’s that time of the month often our skin turns on us too!

As if cramps and mood swings weren’t enough, when it’s that time of the month often our skin turns on us too!

Period skin is not fun – the blotchiness, extra sensitivity, not to mention the hormonal breakouts.

Your skin not only changes during your period but leading up to it, too. Where some days you’ll be blessed with your best skin, other days you’ll be met with pesky blemishes and an imbalanced complexion. It begs the question whether you should change your skincare based on your period cycle. But have you ever wondered exactly why your period affects your skin?

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The reason skin can be so temperamental before and during this pesky time of the month is unsurprisingly due to hormones. A fluctuation of hormones during your cycle causes dreaded pimples, oiliness and dryness – basically all of the most frustrating things ever.

In short, a hormone called estrogen is dominant during the first half of the month, before progesterone comes into play during the second half. Whichever hormone is dominant at the time affects how your skin looks and feels.

With that explained, below we go into the various stages your skin goes through during your cycle.

Your skin is oily and spotty

Most of us will actually get breakouts 7-10 days before menstruation begins, thanks to those hormones that create the perfect environment for acne to wreak havoc. At day 1 of your period, blemishes are likely to be in full swing and thrive when oil production goes into overdrive. Say hello to your oily stage and more obvious pores.

Your skin is sensitive

Another side effect of your period is sensitivity, leading up to and during your period. This is down to prostaglandins, chemicals that are released during menstruation. They are actually what cause cramps and unfortunately reflect in your skin, giving your complexion a more inflamed appearance.

Your skin is dry and dull

Yes, your cycle can feel like a roller coaster as far as your skin is concerned. As prostaglandins decrease and irritation goes down, skin can feel a little drier than normal around day 5 of your period thanks to increased estrogen.

Your skin is glowing

The stage you’ve been waiting for – when things even out and your skin looks a little glowier and happier than before. The middle of your cycle is when your complexion should be the most clear and healthy, due to an increase in blood circulation.


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