13 perfect wellness gifts for the health fanatic in your life

In need of some rest and relaxation, treat yourself to these gifts that nurture the mind, body and soul.

This year, we’re vowing to put a little extra thought into gift giving with something tailored to each special person in our life. For active friends and family, we’ve rounded up 13 considered gifts they’ll truly appreciate and use.

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Whether you’re looking for some extra stocking fillers or to splurge on something bigger, we’ve got all the wellness gifting inspiration you need below…

1. An eco-friendly water bottle

On our mission to better the planet and reduce single-use plastic, we’ve made the switch to eco-friendly water bottles, and it’s quite possibly the easiest eco swap you could make. There are heaps of water bottle brands that are as environmentally friendly as they are functional and stylish. Our pick? Frank Green bottles are premium, recyclable drink bottles curved to fit comfortably in your hand. What sets them apart is they’re customisable – including button lid, straw lid, tea strainer, monogram, plus heaps of colour options – to suit every workout warrior’s personality.

eco friendly water bottle

2. A recipe book

Summer is arguably our favourite season when it comes to fresh, delicious seasonal produce. From simple smoothies to quick mid-week dinners to colourful salads, there are plenty of summer-centric recipe books on shelf now. On rotation in our households this month are Supergood by Chelsea Winter, So Delish! by Simone Anderson and A Third Helping by Ripe Deli, which categorises recipes according to season.

3. Wireless headphones

There’s nothing worse than attending to tangling cords amid breaking a sweat. Whether they’re a seasoned runner, avid gym-goer or working towards a specific fitness goal, pumping beats are key to an all-out sweat session.

4. GPS activity tracker

Fitness trackers used to just be glorified pedometers, but the trackers of today have come a long way. They’re sleeker and smarter than ever before, featuring slimline designs, unparalleled resolution, two-week battery power, sleep and heart monitoring, personalised programmes and water-resistant componentry. From Garmin to Fitbit, there’s a watch to suit all budgets and fitness requirements.

5. A foam roller

A foam roller is essential for relieving muscle tension and easing body aches. It’s also one of those must-haves you neglect to buy yourself.

6. A travel-friendly yoga mat

One item that never fits in your carry-on due to its bulky size and shape, is a regular rolled up yoga mat. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: a travel yoga mat. There’s a myriad of lightweight, travel-friendly yoga mats now available, designed to fold up into a small, flat square. Perfect for those on-the-go this summer!

Yoga mat present

7. Vitally subscription

Gift something truly unique and life-changing this Christmas with a vitamin subscription.

8. A workout voucher

For the friend who likes variety, a classpass gift card is the perfect present. Classpass gives users the opportunity to visit top-rated studios and gyms for less than typical drop-in rates. Studios listed included everything from HIIT and bootcamp style to yoga and pilates. No need to pick from the designated voucher amounts either – just specify what you can afford to spare.

9. A sweat headband

For your friend who loves pounding pavement, gift the ultimate running accessory. It’ll keep their ears protected from the sun (and cold wind in winter) and hair back.

10. Sports sunscreen

The most practical stocking filler for Kiwis and Aussies this summer. For your active friends and fam, there’s a tonne of high-tech formulas that are sweat and water resistant now too.

11. Resistance or TRX bands

For those keen to squeeze in a sweat session while away from home, resistance and TRX bands provide infinite burn potential. They’re lightweight but durable design makes them perfect for throwing in your travel tote over summer.

12. Performance socks

Before you say socks are lame, we’re not talking about your average pair. Another functional gift they probably won’t buy themselves, performance socks offer a super-comfy feel, reinforced cushion tab to prevent blisters and extra arch support.

13. A gym towel

If your friends are anything like us – running late for class, reaching into the depths of our closets to find something that resembles a gym towel – they’ll appreciate the real deal in their stocking this Christmas. A high-quality, microfiber towel is one of those ‘want’ not ‘need’ purchases that constantly falls to the bottom of the list, so pop it on both theirs and your wish list this year.

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