Why Hemp Protein is Good for You and the Planet

Hemp has had a really bad reputation in the past. It makes you think of dreadlocked, hacky sack bouncing, beach dwelling hippies. However, research into the non-active form of Cannabis has revealed a surprisingly beneficial food source.

8 reasons you should be swapping to Hemp Protein today!

Hemp has had a really bad reputation in the past. It makes you think of dreadlocked, hacky sack bouncing, beach dwelling hippies. 

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However research into the non-active form of Cannabis has revealed a surprisingly beneficial food source.

Before you worry about your morning smoothie making you high, hemp protein is not the same as marijuana. Yes, you can make these hemp brownies for the kids, without fearing a call from the school. 

Non-active means it is free from, or has virtually undetectable levels, of THC – the mind-altering component of marijuana.

So now you know you won’t fail a drug test. Here are some of the reasons you’ll want to be adding hemp protein into your day.

1. Excellent source of Vegan Protein

Going plant based is growing rapidly in popularity. In fact, veganism and plant-based diets are one of the fastest growing food industries at the moment, with 2019 being dubbed ‘the Year of the Vegan’.

Of course you don’t have to be vegan, vegetarian, or even plant based to enjoy hemp protein. Whichever way you look at it – its nutrient profile is pretty impressive.

It is a complete protein. This means that it contains all the amino acids essential for vital body functions. Most complete proteins are animal based, leaving plant-based products with complete amino acid profiles a health food dream.

2. Allergy friendly

Hemp protein is very tummy friendly. It has no gluten, dairy, wheat, nuts, or soy making it a great plant based protein source for people suffering from common allergies and intolerances.

Hemp is also more easily digested and absorbed into the body compared with other plant based protein options.

3. High in Essential fatty acids

Not only does Hemp protein have all your essential amino acids, it also contains a good concentration of your essential fatty acids. 

Essential fatty acids are not made by our own body, so we have to consume them to get enough. Below are some of the benefits of the main fatty acids.

  • Omega-3 fatty acid helps with blood pressure and inflammation, which is unsurprising then that it is responsible for decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease. It could also impact other diseases attributed to inflammation such as those associated with cognitive decline.
  • Omega-6 fatty acids help with cognitive function, and collagen related structures such as bone, hair, and skin. 

4. Environmentally positive farming practises

Hemp plants are big fighters of global warming, as they actively remove carbon dioxide from the air. Potentially even more efficiently than most trees!

They use less water to grow. A massive contribution to climate change and environmental decline is the use of irrigation in crops, mainly used to feed livestock but also consumed by humans.

Hemp plants are naturally pest resistant, so they don’t need heavy pesticide use. A win-win for ourselves and the planet!

5. Good for your gut

Along with probiotics, hemp protein is naturally high in fiber, meaning it is a great food source for the healthy bacteria in your gut microbiome.

And a healthy gut bug community means better immune function, mental health, cognitive functioning, cardiovascular health, as well as less irritable bowel symptoms, and lower cancer risk.

6. High in Vitamin E

Tocotrienols and Tocopherols are two forms of vitamin E, naturally occurring in Hemp protein. 

These antioxidant compounds work to get rid of free-radicals causing havoc in our body. If you have not heard of free radicals, they attack cells in your body, damaging them and causing aging and aging related disease.

Along with cleaning up free-radicals, Vitamin E helps with a healthy immune system, heart and brain function, and cellular strength.

7. High mineral composition

Hemp protein is also high in minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. These minerals support bone health, energy, heart health, sleep, headaches, immune function, memory, learning, eye health, age related disease, and fertility.

8. Good for heart health

Being high in fiber, plant based amino acids, health essential fatty acids, and low in sugar makes hemp protein super heart healthy.

Fiber helps to feed the good gut bacteria (see point number 5), and these bacteria produce bi-products which may help clear cholesterol, and keep our blood and heart cells healthy.

Focusing on plant-based protein rather than protein from animal sources also helps with heart health. Animal derived protein feeds unhealthy gut bacteria which release a substance which contributes to plaque build-up in arteries.

As you can tell there is good reason why hemp protein has made its way into everyday households. It packs quite the nutritional punch!

Perhaps it’s time you gave this new heavyweight a try.

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