Many of us know probiotics as the good bacteria we need to balance out taking antibiotics, but their ongoing benefits as a daily supplement are exceptional beyond just gut health.

Probiotics are essential for maintaining your microbiome – all your body’s bacteria – with a healthy mix of good and bad bacteria, and research suggests that probiotics can also benefit an array of conditions, including the below five.

Read on to find out how adding our Multi-Flora Probiotic or High Potency Probiotic Support into your daily routine could benefit your health and more.


Immune System

Sick and tired of always feeling run down? Certain probiotics have been proven to promote the production of natural antibodies which are vital for protecting against sicknesses and infections.


Weight Loss

If you’ve been struggling to drop the kilos, you might need probiotics to help kick start your weight loss and body mass index reduction. The International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition published the results of 25 trials which proved that taking probiotics reduces body weight and BMI.


Skin Conditions

There is a direct correlation between the health of your skin and health of your gut known as the gut skin axis. When your gut is balanced it shines through in your skin and vice versa. Probiotics have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties so if you suffer from skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea, taking a daily supplement can be a skin savior. This 2000 study discovered eczema symptoms for infants fed probiotic-supplemented milk were significantly alleviated, compared to the infants fed milk without probiotics.



Kick your allergies to the curb by taking the probiotic B. lactis. This European Journal of Clinical Nutrition study found that sufferers of seasonal allergies who took this type of probiotic for 8 weeks noticed a drastic difference in their symptoms.


Mental Health

Research suggests that there’s a convincing link between the gut and the brain, and bacteria can strongly impact our mood. A study published by Brain, Behavior, and Immunity saw 20 participants take a multispecies probiotic for four weeks and they all experienced a reduction in negative thoughts. They concluded that probiotic supplementation may help improve mental health and mood, and is a potential preventative strategy for depression.

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Probiotics are live bacteria that are essential for good gut health. Probiotic supplements can assist with balancing good and bad bacteria in the gut.



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